Bridgebourn is an Action Adventure RPG where you play as a treasure hunter. It focuses on modern nostalgia, immersive exploration, and a unique hand painted art style with fresh game-mechanics.


Bridgebourn is a solo passion video game project currently being developed by me, Bamboo Bandit (Siavash Ranjbar) since 2016. My love of travel, nature and childhood gaming experiences inspired me to create something that can bring that same joy to others. I practiced illustration throughout my youth and picked up programming in grade-school to fulfill this dream. The time has finally come to make this project a reality.


  • Immersive semi-open world exploration and adventure
  • hand painted art and frame by frame animation
  • Dynamic, reactive and customizable abilities
  • Loot and items with magical properties
  • Environmental changes based on world events
  • Single-player


There are currently no trailers available for Bridgebourn . Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!


About Bamboo Bandit (Siavash Ranjbar)

As of now, I am a solo artist, programmer and game developer working on Bridgebourn.
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Bridgebourn  Credits

Bamboo Bandit (Siavash Ranjbar)
Art, developer