Bridgebourn is an Action Adventure RPG where you play as a treasure hunter who gets a curse on one of their journeys. This drives them to travel into the mysterious and unexplored Fadelands to undo it.

Bridgebourn focuses on modern nostalgia, immersive exploration, and a unique hand painted art style with fresh game-mechanics.

Embark into the hand crafted open wilderness to find loot and adventure. Fight with weapons that you acquire and reactive abilities that you learn as you explore more new lands.


Wishlist on Steam. Demo Coming Soon.



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Bridgebourn is a solo passion video game project currently being developed by me, Siavash Ranjbar (Bamboo Bandit) since 2016.

My love of travel, nature and childhood gaming experiences inspired me to create something that can bring that same joy to others.

I practiced illustration throughout my youth and picked up programming in grade-school to fulfill this dream. The time has finally come to make this project a reality.


Press / Business Contact:

Click here for press kit.

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